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Milan underground – the green line of Milan

milan undergroundIn the big cities all over the world, one of the ways to get around is definitely the underground. Even Milan has its underground with 5 lines that can reach every corner of the city. One of the lines is the green Milan underground. With the green Milan underground you can reach some of the main attractions of the city.


Milan Public transport is open every day from 5 am to midnight. On December 25 and May 1, the service is available from 7 am to 7 pm. Thanks to MilanCard, the Milan City Pass, you can get Milan public transport for free. Click here for more detailed information.

Find out below some of the main metro stations in Milan:

  • Porta Genova
  • Sant’Ambrogio
  • Cadorna FN
  • Lanza
  • Gioia
  • Milano Stazione Centrale
  • Lambrate


The most important stop of Milan’s green metro is the Milan Central Station stop, the main destination for those arriving by bus or train from the airport or those arriving by train from Italian cities and Europe.

Near the Porta Genova stop of Milan’s green metro, heading for Via Bergognone 40, you can visit Armani Silos, the museum dedicated to Giorgio Armani’s style and collections. Order and rigor are the key words that characterize the design of the building, with the result of a sober architecture and monumental forms. The exhibition presents the story of forty years of work by the designer, from 1980 to today. Thanks to the Milan City Pass, get 40% discount on the admission ticket, find out how by clicking here.

Moving on the Naviglio Grande, you can take a boat trip thanks to Autostradale Viaggi, with MilanoCard you can get a discount on your tour. 

Going down to the Sant’Ambrogio stop of the green metro of Milan, you can walk to the Milan National Museum of Science and Technology. This museum opened its doors in 1953 and is the largest technical-scientific museum in Italy and one of the largest in Europe. It has the largest collection in the world of machine models made from drawings by Leonardo da Vinci. The collections host representative testimonies of the history of science, technology and Italian industry from the nineteenth century to the present day. The museum is located in Via San Vittore 21 in the ancient monastery of San Vittore al Corpo, next to the church of the same name, near the place where Leonardo da Vinci owned some land cultivated with vines, just outside the city walls. Thanks to MilanCard, the Milan City Pass, get a discount on the ticket, click here for more information. A few steps from this museum is the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie and one of the Italian masterpieces of the sixteenth century, Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper. Discover the MilanCard + Last Supper offer!

milan undergroundAnother very important stop of green Milan underground is the Cadorna FN stop. Arrived at this stop, you can admire the famous opera Needle, thread and knot, a sculpture that involves the entire square, designed by the artist Claes Oldenburg. The basic idea of sculpture is that of a train that enters an underground tunnel. The fact that the sculpture is divided into two parts ideally reunited underground, is a reference to the Milan subway, the means of rapid movement of the city: the thread has the same colors of the lines of the meter at the time of construction, in 2000. The masterpiece is a tribute to Milan’s industriousness and fashion, which has one of the world’s leading centers in Milan.

A few steps from this square, visit the Milan Sforza Castle.

The green metro of Milan is one of the main transportations to reach the main attractions of the city. Thanks to MilanoCard, the Milan City Pass, you can get Milan public transport free of charge for 24h, 48h or 72h, depending on the type chosen. Do not waste time! Click here and find out more information.

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